Preston Ely claims to be known as “The King Of Wholesaling” and in a video on one of his websites offers to “make you rich” after you enter your name and email address in his name capture page, after which he’ll send his “cash rake” report to you.

I don’t know Preston Ely and have no experience with his products. I prefer to assume that people can do exactly what they say they can do unless I have evidence to the contrary. And in Preston Ely’s case, I have no such evidence.

But I do want to know what you think! Have you purchased Preston Ely’s e-book? Are you a client of his coaching program or of his Probate investing products? If so, sound off below with your comments and reviews.

Thanks for reading!


This has been truly interesting. I’m writing this update 12 hours after the original publication of this post. Hundreds of posts and thousands of comments have been written on this website, and in every single case, the commanding percentage of people who have left comments or reviews have been people who are subscribers and regular readers of this blog.

With this post, a huge percentage of the comments came from people who have never visited this website before. What does this suggest? One thing it means is that a bunch of people who are not normal readers of this website were sent here to make comments. Furthermore, it’s clear based on some evidence (primarily IP addresses) that there is at least one person who has made multiple comments under different names.

I make no judgment for or against Preston Ely. I have approved every comment, including the ones that are literally worshipful of Preston.  But the nature of some of the comments from people who have never had any connection to this website before has led me to conclude a new policy may be helpful to protect those of you who read this blog regularly from reviews that are pure fluff.

Here’s what I’ll do: anybody can read the real estate guru reviews here on, and I think everyone should.  But I’ll only allow reviews if the reviewer is already a subscriber and/or regular reader of this website.

Furthermore, if a reviewer fails to actually make a statement of fact rather than just puffy opinion pieces (such as singing the praises of someone’s “awesomeness”), I just won’t publish them. This isn’t a democracy, so don’t complain to me about any “right to be heard”. My only job is to try to make this website as helpful and useful to my readers as possible, so comments made after this point that are absolutely idiotic (you’ll know them if you write them) won’t be approved.

There have been more totally absurd comments made about the topic of this post by people who don’t normally read this website than for all of the hundreds of other posts on this blog combined.  That is, all by itself, quite telling.

Bryan Ellis