When most of us think about green living, we think about recycling, reusing and not wasting energy and resources. We may also think of replacing our old appliances with those that use less electricity and water, or of living in a space that is more suited to our needs in size rather than enormous and grand. However, when Dai Haifei put all these factors in green living into perspective, he determined that what he was looking for was not a small, neat, sustainable, green house, but a six-foot tall egg[1].

Haifei is a 24-year-old architect from Beijing, China. In China, many young adults move back in with their parents when they finish school to avoid paying the sky-high rental rates in the country. Haifei, however, decided to go mobile in a “six-foot tall, solar powered, egg-shaped abode made of bamboo, wood and grass seed”[2]. The house fits easily onto the sidewalk, and, until recently, Haifei kept it right outside his work location so that he could stay at work until midnight before going home. The egg contains a bed, a water tank and a lamp, and grass and moss grow all over the outside to provide insulation.

Although Haifei has recently been ordered – along with his egg – off the streets, his firm has purchased the idea and is refining it for mass production. It seems like small is becoming the new big in many parts of the world – in part, many experts say, because of a new “culture of frugality” brought on by economic issues around the globe. Are you seeing this trend in your real estate investing?

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[2] http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/architect-lives-egg-house-12-13-2010