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Investors Pull Out of Exchange-Traded Funds in November

In a startling about-face, investors pulled more money out of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) than they put in during the month of November, resulting in a net outflow of $238 million, reported the National Stock Exchange this week. However, at the end of the month year-over-year comparisons were still positive, with assets in U.S.-listed ETFs and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) up 12 Read full article »

Investing News and Education: Euro Heads Up After Successful Italian Auction

Although Italy’s sale of 7.5 billion euros in bonds did not slow the skyrocketing cost of borrowing or quite meet the upper end of its target for the auction, the value of the euro is rising as investors breathe a sigh of relief. “It’s all done,” says Marc Ostwald, a Monument Securities strategist, pointing out that “the actual yield levels Read full article »

Investor Risk Tolerance Holds Steady for Mutual Funds

While you might expect that the events of the past few years would drive investors away from investments perceived as “risky,” the Investment Company Institute (ICI) reports that since 2009, investors’ risk tolerance levels have remained remarkably steady. And although investors with monies in mutual funds are certainly proceeding with caution, most individuals indicate that they “have confidence that mutual Read full article »

Occupy Wall Street Movement Takes on Wells Fargo

Members of the Occupy Minnesota (Occupy MN) movement are hoping to mimic a “successful” foreclosure protest further out west when they take on a Minnesota Wells Fargo this Friday. Earlier this month, a woman marched on the Fannie Mae headquarters in California in order to garner attention to her foreclosure. She was arrested, but also got her loan modification. Now, Read full article »

SEC Approves New Rule to Protect Against Conflicts of Interest in Asset-Backed Securities

In response to “concerns that some banks have been issuing structured products for sale to investors without telling… that the bank was also helping other investors bet against those products,” the Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a new rule designed to prevent conflicts of interest in the sales of asset-backed securities (ABS). ABS are similar to mortgage-backed securities except Read full article »

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The Politics of Real Estate

Few industries are as profoundly impacted by the political machinations in Washington as the real estate industry. Whether it's old legislation like Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act or Barack Obama's massive mortgage bailouts, the U.S. political machine has a huge impact (usually bad) on the business of real estate.

Ideally, we could ignore politics. But here at the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter, we insist on seeing the world with clarity - including the reality of Washington's aggressive involvement in every facet of our business, from mortgage lending to real estate sales license; from loan modification regulations to appraisal requirements... every piece of our business is profoundly impacted by politics. So rather than stick our heads in the sand and ignore reality, readers of the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter choose to be informed and prepared.

About Bryan Ellis

Bryan Ellis is an Atlanta-based real estate analyst and publisher of the widely read newsletter "The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter". With over 200,000 subscribers - including real estate investors, agents, brokers, appraisers and other real estate professionals - the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter is among America's largest sources of unbiased coverage of politics and public policy for the real estate industry.

Bryan Ellis serves as editor in chief for the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter and is assisted by an extraordinary staff of writers, researchers and editors who are each real estate experts in their own right and who assure that the news we report is well researched, factual, and highly relevant to today's real estate industry.

Bryan is very happily married and has two wonderful daughters. He makes his home in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. You can contact the team at the Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter here.