The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter has the finest team of real estate experts and journalists to make sure you stay abreast of the most recent news in the real estate business.

Bryan Ellis ( —  Bryan Ellis is the founder, publisher and editor of The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter. Bryan is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been involved in many aspects of the real estate industry, including multiple years as an individual investor in the metro Atlanta area where he focused on the purchase and resale of single family homes using creative real estate strategies.  Bryan is the author of multiple training programs and has had the pleasure of being a featured speaker at conferences focusing on real estate investing, internet marketing and business development.  He’s happily married and the father of two amazing daughters.  Bryan loves to travel and is particularly fond of Las Vegas, even though he’s not a gambler.  For more information, visit the Bryan Ellis home page.

Carole VanSickle (  —  Carole VanSickle is an editor and regular contributor to The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter.  Carole’s ability to identify the most relevant news for serious investors really caught our attention, and her vast experience covering news in multiple fields (including real estate, medicine, science and health/wellness) has made her an invaluable part of our team.  Carole lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mike Payne (  —  Mike Payne is our resident expert in two highly relevant topical areas:  short sales and personal credit restoration.  With vast experience as both a real estate investor and a real estate agent in the Sarasota, Florida area, Mike’s experience as a huge asset to the team here at The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter.

Dinali Pataki (  —  Mr. Pataki is an expert in the intersection of the real estate business with the internet.  He spends his time focused on exposing new methods of using the power of the internet to make the business of real estate more efficient and reliable.  Pataki’s opinions regularly influence thought leaders in the real estate industry.  He lives part time in Los Angeles, California and part time in Savannah, Georgia.

Rickson (Rick) Penske ( — Rick is a commercial real estate expert with few equals.  He focuses on industrial property and raw land and is the mastermind behind several very successful and very unusual transactions.  He also has a gift for communication and his contributions to The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter are quite popular.  Rick lives in Miami, Florida with his wife and 3 children.

Richard (Rich) Stansfield ( — Mr. Stansfield is a Harvard-educated real estate investor that focuses on serving real estate agents, brokers, appraisers and other traditional real estate professionals.  When we need hard data to support or refute our research, Stansfield is the guy we call on.  Rich is based in San Antonio, Texas.

Renaldo d’Anconia (  — Mr. d’Anconio is a real estate investor specializing in multi-family property with a focus on apartment complexes with 75-200 units.  He lives in Boise, Idaho.